The Wrestlers You Should Know About But Probably Don’t: 2) Kevin Steen

Credit: Ring of Honor Wrestling's Twitter Page

Credit: Ring of Honor Wrestling’s Twitter Page

Continuing with the trend set in the previous article of wrestlers who have recently signed with WWE, we analyse the agile big-man that is Kevin Steen. He is perhaps most famous for his work in the American company, Ring of Honor, where he was a former world champion, being only one of nineteen men to have held the prestigious belt. However, over the past decade you could also catch the star in a variety of other independent companies such as California based Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, 2CW, Revolution Pro Wrestling and Combat Zone Wrestling.

Steen excels as a charismatic babyface with his interactions with fans always hilarious. In any and every company in which he works, he manages to establish a connection with the fans that very few others can achieve. His approach encourages maximum crowd interaction which increases the audience’s interest. This means the audience is invested in every move, every hold and every word he has to say.

The ability to talk is vital in order to reach the top in wrestling today (unless you are a super-athlete like Brock Lesnar), and Steen is currently one of the very best in the business. He can certainly back up his words too with a variety of moves which have rightfully earned him the nickname “Mr Wrestling”. He is not your prototypical ‘big-guy’ wrestler though. Sure he can execute a brilliantly brutal package piledriver, but he can also fly with all the grace of a crusierweight. He shouldn’t be able to do all the moves he does, and that’s why its so amazing.

His charisma and infrequent high-flying may make him the perfect babyface character, but there is no doubt that Steen is as good if not better as a whole when he is playing a heel. He can play destructive, twisted and evil, or slightly more comedic, the latter being seen most recently in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla stable Mount Rushmore.

To get up to date with Steen’s work thus far there are numerous RoH DVDs dedicated to his feuds which you can find online, as well as events he has been a part of for numerous different companies. A short list of a number of important matches in his career are listed below. To be completely honest though, you cannot go wrong with any Steen match in any company, as he is consistently brilliant against any opponent.

-Kevin Steen vs Nigel McGuinness
-Kevin Steen vs El Generico (Ladder War. But any match really, as all are fantastic)
-Kevin Steen vs Shinsuke Nakamura
-Kevin Steen and El Generico vs The Young Bucks


Have thoughts on Steen as a wrestler? Will he connect with fans in WWE? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.


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