Suicide Squad Posters Revealed

Despite the fact that Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is released in just over two months, the hype surrounding the other DC Extended Universe movie released this year, Suicide Squad (which hits in August), appears to be at such a fever pitch that the two titans of comic book history can seemingly not compete. The marketing thus far for the movie, which features a group of characters unknown to most of the general public, has been fantastic, and the recent release of posters has only continued this trend. They are simple yet innovative, and they ooze cool. We see the group together in their cartoon form, and then each major character gets their own specific poster. Note the very familiar symbol drenched blood red that makes up the Joker’s mouth. A nice touch.

Director David Ayer has described this film, about a bunch of super villains tasked with saving the day, as the “Comic-Book Movie 2.0”, and if the posters and teaser trailer are anything to go by, he may very well be correct. This is not your typical happy-go-lucky Marvel film, but neither, it appears, is it too similar to the clash of titans we will see in March. This is the bad-ass cousin of that movie.

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