Suicide Squad Trailer Breakdown

We are still more than half a year away from the release of DC’s Suicide Squad movie but we were recently treated to a brand new trailer, and unlike the most recent Batman vs Superman trailer, this one built suspense without giving too much away. We got more information about the numerous different characters as well as some teases about the plot. Queen’s epic Bohemian Rhapsody built perfectly with the action on screen, from serene to frantic in a moment. All in all, it was a great peak at the upcoming movie. Here’s a further breakdown…

We see a quick shot of Harleen Quinzel looking more than a bit distressed on top of a car, but the main notes regarding the fan-favourite are firstly, two shots of Harley in what looks like a swanky restaurant causing mayhem, with (you guessed it) the Clown Prince himself, the Joker. This may be a flashback to the good ol’ days of Harley/Joker team ups. More importantly we see Harley Quinn being lifted from a vat of acid, draped over the arms of the Joker. This echoes Harley’s New 52 origin, where the Joker pushed her into said acid, before rescuing her. Looks like we may be seeing that origin on the big screen rather than her original Animated Series/Mad Love story.

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Speaking of the Joker, as well as seeing him swan dive into the acid in search of Harley, we also see some spectacular shots of him being brilliantly villainous. From the clip of him in a white bow tie, laughing maniacally whilst firing off a round, to him lying on the floor surrounded by one hell of a stash of weapons. In terms of the men around him, we get our first look at henchman Johnny Frost too.

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Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang has a couple of moments in the trailer which may single him out as a scene-stealer. The first is when he bursts out of an Australian mail bag and immediately wallops a guard, and the second, when, as the action erupts on the screen, the music cuts and we get him sneakily opening a can and taking a sip. It’s great comedy, and it may be the first truly great role of Jai Courtney’s career. Of course it’s too early to tell, but this trailer contains some good signs.

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As for the rest of the characters we see Katana’s Soultaker sword for the first time, which can collect souls; as well as presumably Katana using these souls, thus causing the distressing change in eye colour. We also get more prolonged glimpses at Killer Croc. He has his own unique cell, which is mainly water (probably connected to the sewer) with a metal walkway. Perfect for killing unsuspecting guards. The practical effects look absolutely superb too, allowing Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje to look terrifying as well as function properly and show real emotion in his face. Croc and Katana come to blows too, showing its not quite one big happy family.

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No wonder. The Suicide Squad (also known as Task Force X) are not doing these missions for the fun of it. In fact, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and the American government are forcing the inmates to partake. What’s keeping them from deserting their posts though? Well traditionally the Suicide Squad are kept in check by bombs planted in their neck, and there is a hint in the trailer that that is also the case here. We see a room full of surgeons and Killer Croc being wheeled in Hannibal Lecter-style. This would imply that at least one of the squad gets disposed off by being decapitated by Waller and her technicians, and at this moment, the most likely candidate is the master of ropes, Slipknot, who once more, has very little to do in this teaser.

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A character who does have an increased role in this trailer compared with the last one is June Moone, also known as Enchantress. Enchantress is the witch who occupies Moone’s body. We see her in both forms, and it appears she may have an integral role in the story. There’s the hint of a love interest with a longer-haired Rick Flagg (Joel Kinnaman), which links back to a scene in the first trailer, where two unidentified characters were seen kissing. Throughout the rest of the trailer, Flagg has shorter hair so perhaps this scene is a flashback? More interestingly, we see Enchantress in a government building (The White House Logo can be seen behind her on a screen), which teases that she herself may be one of the antagonists of the piece. In a number of other shots of the Squad together, fighting off bad guys, Enchantress is noticeably absent.

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So perhaps she has something to do with the absolutely crazy, unexplainable scenes we witness numerous times throughout this trailer. First there is dramatic destruction, on the street, and inside a building, where a black substance is everywhere. Then there is the fact that the adversaries the Task Force take on, appear not to be completely human, instead looking and acting, more like crazed creatures. Thirdly, some being crashes straight through a subway train and begins attacking police with what can only be described as vines, before a huge bolt of light erupts the night sky, whilst demented beings gather around its base. Crazy right?! All of this is greatly confusing. We know there is a supernatural element to the movie, with Katana, her sword, and of course Enchantress being the obvious examples, but I don’t think anyone was prepared for anything quite this bizarre!

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There are a number of options that immediately jump to mind. Perhaps somehow the Joker has something to do with this, although it does appear a little out of his reach. Enchantress, seemingly being built as a major antagonist, is another option certainly. Then there is Tattooed Man, a character reportedly seen on set, who is not glimpsed at in the trailer, and whose role in the movie is as yet unconfirmed. Finally, there is a possibility of something otherworldly playing a part in this movie. We are, of course, in the DC Expanded Universe, and thus Kryptonite, and presumably Brainiac are available to the film-makers. Potentially one or both could have some sort of role in this movie.

In all honestly, at this point all we can do is speculate, and speculate we shall. This new trailer showed us a lot, and answered some of the burning questions of fans, but more importantly left us wanting so much more. For every answer we got, three more questions fell from our lips. A brilliant trailer to hype up the bad guys of the DC universe. Roll on August.




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