New Batman v Superman TV spots and Poster

Last night we saw the release of two new thirty second teasers for the upcoming Batman v Superman movie. Thankfully, DC and Warner Bros. have taken a step back from the miscalculated decision to show Doomsday in the previous trailer, and have instead decided to focus on the animosity between the Dark Knight and the Caped Crusader. We get a trailer basically focusing on each hero and why they dislike the other. As basic as that sounds, it builds excitement for the inevitable clash between the two.


Also released was a pretty standard poster of the two heroes facing off. Again, its a return to what made the original trailer so enticing. In all honesty, these last few months of posters and teasers will only likely capture those people who until now have been unaware of the massive movie event soon to happen. As for the rest of us (the majority), we have seen enough of this movie to make up our minds on whether it is worth seeing. All we can do now is wait and see whether this clash is as incredible as it should be, and whether it brings in the money at the box office. It’s the big one for DC considering Marvel’s head start in universe-building; here’s hoping they can make a fight out of it yet. With Batman and Superman, they’ve got a hell of a chance.

Batman v Supes Poster



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