Actor Appreciation Week 1 Review: The Ides of March (2011)

An incredibly game cast headed up by Gosling, George Clooney and Philip Seymour Hoffman deliver a taut political thriller, with enough suspense and twists to entertain the masses. It will never go down as a classic, but it is certainly an under-appreciated gem. Gosling shines as the confident junior campaign manager for Clooney’s Governor Mike Morris who is hoping to become the Democratic Presidential candidate. When he meets Paul Giamatti’s Tom Duffy, the campaign manager for Morris’ opponent, the story cranks into top gear, and revelations and backstabbing ensues. If anything, the only criticism one can weigh at Ides, is that it may try to juggle too many balls at once, considering its relatively short run time. None necessarily feel short changed, but one or two at times almost feel more soap opera than presidential. Then again, perhaps that was the intention: to show the gloss and the glamour alongside the slimier side of politics. A fun ride certainly, but it doesn’t quite match those movies in the higher echelons of Gosling’s repertoire.


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