Actor Appreciation Week 1 Review: All Good Things (2010)

This movie often slips through the net. Released around the same time as the much more acclaimed Blue Valentine, it failed to find an audience. It’s an interesting enough tale, a man is suspected of killing his wife, and we see the events unfold over many years, but it’s unevenly paced and never quite gels. Based in part on a true story it should perhaps be more compelling, and for the first hour or so, it does credibly detail the growth and subsequent decline of the relationship between Gosling’s David Marks and Kirsten Dunst’s Katie, due to the increasingly evident madness within David. However, it begins to fall apart in the last half an hour as Dunst’s quite frankly incredible turn as Katie is pushed to the background, and events are shoehorned in. Perhaps the most interesting part of the whole thing is the true tale. Robert Durst, the man suspected by the police of killing his wife, enjoyed the movie so much that he agreed to an interview with the director Andrew Jarecki, chronicled in The Jinx. Even more incredibly Durst lends his voice to the commentary track of All Good Things, which is a truly unsettling addition. If only the director could have implanted quite the same creepiness and intrigue to the movie itself.



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