Actor Appreciation Week 1 Review: Blue Valentine (2010)

Derek Cianfrance’s Blue Valentine is at times, a tough watch, simply because of how it does not shy away from the realities of relationships. It follows two narratives, the first being the blossoming relationship between Gosling’s young, mysterious, smooth operator Dean, and Michelle Williams’ caring, intelligent Cindy, and the second being the two’s relationship years down the line. It’s thus a tale about the birth and decline of relationships, and it really hits home hard at times. From the first meet cute, Gosling and Williams have an incredible chemistry, and as an audience we buy into their romance, praying for a happy ending. There are highs and lows, broken dreams and mistakes, which impact in the second narrative, showing just how things can eventually boil over, leaving couples tired of each other. We see happiness and desperation both perfectly rendered on screen. Despite the narrative Cianfrance’s film is not a depressing tale. Sure, it encapsulates the modern marriage with the impact of a child and the petty arguments which feel so real, but it reminds us of the joys of young romance and why we fall in love in the first place. Unlike most other romantic dramas being released today, Blue Valentine rings true, and is thus certainly worth a worth. Maybe just not on a date.


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