Actor Appreciation Week 1 Review: The Notebook (2004)

Most would agree that The Notebook was the movie that put Ryan Gosling on the map. In 2004, Gosling had done very little work of note, although he had garnered some acclaim for his work in 2001’s the Believer. This Nicholas Spark’s adaptation helped raise the profile of Gosling tremendously. It’s the most heartwrenching of all of Gosling’s movies, having been designed to be a real tear-jerker. In many ways therefore it’s as cliched as the next romantic movie, with Gosling portraying poor mill-worker Noah, who falls in love with the rich Allie (Rachel McAdams). Despite the routine star-crossed lover storyline, the genuine chemistry of Mcadams and Gosling helps raise this above other moderate successes. It is this, along with some quite gorgeous and now iconic cinematography that have allowed this movie to stand the test of time, and remain in the hearts of many viewers across the world.


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