Suicide Squad Trailer 3 (Blitz Trailer) Breakdown and Analysis

A third trailer was recently released for the next instalment in the DC Extended Universe, Suicide Squad (August 5). Unlike the last DC movie, Batman V Superman, those in charge have released a trailer which provides glimpses of what we can expect without giving too much away. All three trailers thus far have been expertly edited, bumping up the intrigue for this film to fever pitch. After the disappointment of Batman V Superman, Warner Bros and DC will be hoping David Ayer and his all star cast can finally kick-start their movie universe. Here’s hoping.

Immediately, the trailer ties this film to the DC Universe, with an explicit mention of Superman. Later on, there are a number of shots of shots of Batman, and this is probably a good idea, as Batman V Superman is currently in theatres and this will allow casual movie-goers to make the link, and understand Suicide Squad exists in the same universe. Also Batman sells cinema tickets, it’s as simple as that. We witness Batman taking a dive, with an oxygen mask on, into the water below, where Joker’s car is also seen plummeting too later on. Batman carries Harley to the Batmobile, presumably after saving her.

Screenshot (54)

Whilst Batman is present, from what has been shown, it still seems to be only for that one sequence, where he is chasing Joker’s car. The main focus is of course going to be on the Suicide Squad themselves. Behind Amanda Waller in the White House are six faces – Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Slipknot and El Diablo. These will make up the team, but this trailer appears to confirm suspicions many have had over the fate of Slipknot. He seems to be trying to escape, as he grapple-guns away leaving two soldiers on their backs. This scene is overplayed with Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag stating that if anyone tries to escape they will be killed. It’s not hard to imagine what happens next… If any more confirmation is needed, Slipknot does not appear in a scene later in the trailer where the helicopter the Squad are travelling in gets shot down.

Screenshot (61)

We see more comedy from Jai Courtney’s Boomerang as Katana puts her sword to his throat: “You got a boyfriend?” he quips. More incredibly we see him slice a creature’s head off whilst holding a unicorn teddy bear. What is this movie?! His boomerang is also hidden away in one shot, whilst we learn that Will Smith’s Deadshot has ‘I am the Light’ engraved on his weapon, and Harley Quinn has her initials on hers, along with ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’ on the barrels.

Screenshot (45)

Whilst Margot Robbie certainly looks the part as Harley Quinn there’s been questions over her portrayal, as the trailers haven’t exactly shown her as the character known and loved from the comics, especially in this one. However, it is an incredibly pointless exercise to speculate on her performance based on snippets of the movie. She does however, have her famous mallet, which as any comic fan will agree, is pretty fantastic to see.

Screenshot (51)

One of the faces not on the wall behind Waller in the White House was Cara Delevingne’s June Moon/Enchantress. This further reinforces the rumour that Enchantress will be one of the villains of the movie. We get a shot of the FBI forcing entry into someone’s home, and it looks like mud or blood which is smeared on the wall. They then burst into what looks like a bathroom considering the decor. Is this where Enchantress is holed up, perhaps in the tub? Later on in the trailer, some more of her origin is revealed deep in a cave.

Screenshot (56)

Joker appears to be talking to Common’s character at one point, who may be the Tattooed Man. He is also rumoured to be the mysterious creature we witnessed in the subway in the previous trailer, and once in this trailer. Finally, we see a crazed Joker with a seemingly half-burned face, who, quite frankly, looks amazing.

Screenshot (58)

There’s still four months before this movie is released, with it currently in the process of re-shoots, but there’s many reasons to be excited to witness this on the big screen. It looks like a very different type of comic-book movie, which, after some mediocre output in the last few years, may be exactly what fans need.


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