Actor Appreciation Week 2: Greta Gerwig

This week, here at matt’s nerdy life, we have been watching the films of the incomparable indie darling Greta Gerwig. Her new film Wiener Dog has just been released in select cinemas so we thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate her work so far.

In the last half a decade Gerwig has exploded onto the scene with her instant likeability and kooky charm and looks set to rise straight to the top. Despite her relative newcomer status there are still a handful of great performances to get stuck into, and some that have been left off this list because they may be used in future Actor/Director Appreciation weeks (I’m looking at you Joe Swanberg). She has found work with some of the best directors around today, from prolific collaborator Noah Baumbach to big shots such as Woody Allen and Whit Stillman. May her meteoric rise long continue.

The films this week are:

Greenberg (2010)
Maggie’s Plan (2015)
Mistress America (2015)
Frances Ha (2012)


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